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McMurray Piling

Fort McMurray’s Premier Helical Screwpile Fabricators & Installers.

Industrial Applications.


What are Screw Piles?

A screw pile (also called a helical pile or pier) is a foundation system. If we had to describe helical piles with one word, that word would be “VERSATILE”! There are few situations where they do not offer a foundation option that is fast, effective, economical, convenient and strong.

How do they Work?

Helical plates are welded to a metal shaft, which is “screwed” into the ground using hydraulically-driven torque motors. By monitoring the amount of torque needed to rotate the shaft, it is possible to determine when the pile has encountered a degree of resistance necessary to support the required load.

Where can Screw Piles be Used?

  • Signs

  • Decks

  • Oilfield & Pipeline Applications

  • Light Pole Bases

  • Foundations

  • Buildings

  • Tower Anchors

  • Camps

Services We Offer

McMurray Piling offers engineering, design services, welding, fabrication and sales of screw piles.
We are the only Fort McMurray based screw pile company who designs & manufactures our own
screw pile system.

Engineering & Design

We design and engineer our own Helical Screw Pile system in-house.


McMurray Piling has CWB Certified welders and 3rd party inspectors


Manufactured and fabricated in our own shop in Fort McMurray.


Full installation services with our excavator mounted torque motors.


We sell our Helical Screw Pile systems with a competitive pricing structure.


We can deliver the screw pile system right to your job site.


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